Mevlüt Akgün


Email[email protected]


Bachelor’s Degree︱İstanbul University, Faculty of Law

Practise Areas

  • Commercial law
  • Energy Law
  • Mining Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Criminal law

Mevlüt Akgün was born in Karaman in 1966. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Karaman. Akgün, who was accepted to Istanbul University Faculty of Law, successfully graduated. After graduation, he started working as a lawyer within the Karaman Bar Association. Afterwards, he served as a Board Member of Karaman Bar Association.

Mevlüt Akgün, who was elected as the AK Party Karaman Deputy in the General Elections held in 2002, was also elected in the General Elections in 2007 and 2011 and served in the 22-23-24 elections. He served in the Turkish Grand National Assembly as a Karaman Member of Parliament for 13 years. During his term of office, he was a member of the GNAT Justice Commission and took an active role in the activities of the Commission. He was also elected as a Council Clerk Member in the 22nd Term.

After completing his term as a member of parliament in 2015, he returned to practice as a lawyer. He was elected to the Mediation Board within the Ministry of Justice and took an active role, contributing to the spread of mediation activities in Turkey. He is currently an active lawyer, mediator and businessman, an active manager in various companies and an active member of non-governmental organizations.