Rıfat Köse

Administrative Affairs Specialist



Bachelor’s Degree︱Anadolu University Faculty of Economics

Master’s Degree︱Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Occupational Health And Safety

Practise Areas

  • Occupational Health And Safety

He graduated from the Gendarmerie Petty Officer Class School as a Petty Officer in 1990. Between 1990 and 2018, he served as Team, Platoon, Patrol Commander, Section Chief and Branch Manager in various units and institutions of the Turkish Armed Forces and Gendarmerie General Command. Although he attended many in-service training and courses during this period, he graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Economics in 2006, Atatürk University Occupational Health and Safety associate degree program in 2017, and Istanbul Yeniyüzyıl University Health Sciences Institute Occupational Health and Safety Master’s program (without thesis). In 2018, he successfully passed the Occupational Safety Specialist exam and received the Class B Occupational Safety Specialist certificate. He retired from his post at the Gendarmerie General Command voluntarily in 2018. He graduated from Atatürk University, Department of Justice in 2021. In 2018, he started working at Köse Law Firm as Ankalex Administrative Affairs Manager. He continues to work as Administrative Affairs Manager and Occupational Safety Specialist within Ankalex Attorney Partnership.