Banking and Finance

In today's rapidly changing financial world, banking, financing, and investment transactions have become increasingly complex. As a result, businesses and individuals operating in this field require specialized legal support to protect their rights and manage their risks.

Ankalex provides comprehensive and customized legal advisory services to our domestic and international clients for their banking, financing, and investment processes. Our experienced lawyers work closely with our clients to understand their unique circumstances and needs, and we develop tailored solutions that help them achieve their objectives.

Our Banking and Finance Law Services:

  • Bank Loan Agreements: We assist in the preparation and negotiation of bank loan agreements that meet our clients' credit needs.
  • Loans and Other Financial Instruments: We handle legal processes and contracts related to different types of loans and financial instruments (factoring, leasing, etc.) on behalf of our clients.
  • Management of International Investment Processes: We assist in making international investments and fulfilling legal requirements.
  • Preparation of Collateral, Credit and Guarantee Documents: We assist in the preparation and negotiation of collateral, credit, and guarantee documents used in banking transactions.
  • Trade, Export and Real Estate Finance: We handle legal processes and contracts related to trade, export, and real estate financing on behalf of our clients.
  • Management of Start-up Investment Processes: We provide legal consultancy services to start-up companies in their investment processes and fulfill the necessary legal proceedings.
  • Financial Regulation and Compliance Consulting: We provide consulting services to our clients on legal regulations and compliance requirements in the banking and finance sector.
  • Financial Disputes and Litigation: We represent our clients in disputes in the banking and finance sector and defend their rights.
Ankalex Attorney Partnership

In Addition To These:

  • Evaluation and interpretation of financial contracts
  • Investment funds and fund management
  • Capital market transactions
  • Combating financial fraud and money laundering
  • Legal reviews related to financial regulations
  • At Ankalex, we are committed to providing the highest ethical and professional standards of service to help our clients complete their financial transactions in accordance with the law, protect their rights, and achieve their financial goals.